Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ariel's First Email from Russia! March 29, 2011

This was the first email from Russia!!! Ariel left at 8:30 am Monday morning and we received this email at 2:30 pm Tuesday afternoon!!! We figure about 30 hours of travel!!! They got to Moscow about 1am our time (11 am Russian time) and then they had to go through customs, take their luggage into Moscow to the embassy to get new visas and then return to the airport to buy tickets to fly to Rostov. We know they are exhausted but have many adventures to tell already!!!

Following is Ariel's email from Russia. Note her excitement that her mission president is not as stern as she thought from his picture!!!

Well, I just have time to drop you a quick line, but we made it safely to Rostov!! President and Sister Nichiporov are AMAZING and SO nice! Sister Nichiporov threw her arms around us and President Nichiporov has a great sense of humor and great smile!! They fed us meat loaf and mashed potatoes and now we are off to bed! I will meet my trainer tomorrow and get off to work! I can't tell you HOW happy I am to be here! This is the beginning of a new and FABULOUS adventure! I also love Lisa, their 15 year old daughter! She's great! didn't have time to read the whole e-mail, but i'll be in touch probably in about a week!! good night! love Cectpa Cunningham


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