Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Letter #4 *~MTC~* February 8, 2011

Hello all!

Wow!! THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! Yesterday I receivied a package from home. I didn't open it, of course, until I got back into my dorm room. There were the usual AMAZING things that my mom gets, all of which are SO appreciated and thoughtful!! I'm telling you!! Moms ALWAYS know EXACTLY what you need!!! Thanks a bunch Mom!! There was also a tape that was sent (I have a tape recorder, so it's awesome to be able to listen to my families voices!!). I didn't listen to it for the first little bit after opening my package, and I was kind of disappointed that my mom hadn't written me a letter with anything about Britt in it!!! (Brittany is one of my VERY VERY VERY BEST friends in the WHOLE world!!!) Cectpa Bullough asked me if I had heard anything about Britt, my district and friends have been praying for her and thinking about her like crazy... well, no one has been thinking about her more than me probably! :) Britt came out to visit me before I left on my mission and now, since returning home has been meeting with the missionaries. Mom mentioned her name and I immediately screamed, stopped the tape and ran into Cectpa Bullough's room! I said... my mom did fill us in about Britt. I had only heard Britt's name mentioned on the tape, so I rewound it so that we could both listen to what was going on. We had known that Britt had said that she would go to church on Sunday, and we were all praying that she would be able to make it. mom informed me that her car hadn't been able to start, and so she wasn't able to make it.... Cectpa Bullough and I were super disappointed... there was a break in the tape and then mom said that someone should tell me who it was. Britt came on my tape... via telephone! She said hi and that she'd gotten a message from Martin the other day and he sounded great. She said that she wanted to tell me that she had been taking the missionary discussions and that she was going to be baptized!!!

I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE THE JOY THAT WELLED UP INSIDE OF ME!!! Brittany Servent, you made me the happiest that I have ever been in my life. I have never felt so happy before!!! Cectpa Bullough and I both started crying immediately!! I was SO happy that I couldn't contain myself! I was crying, laughing, hugging Cectpa Bullough,m and shouting for joy all at the same time!! I felt like Ammon in the Book of Mormon. My joy was SO full!!! I ran back into my room to share with the news with the sisters in my district!! There was more crying and laughing and shouting for joy!!!! I think that everyone on my floor... and probably in the entire building heard me!! Wow!! Some of the girls that were in teh bathroom heard me and they were wondering what it could be becasue it soudned like someone had just gotten engaged!!!! :) haha! Brittany Servent!! My dear friend! I can't tell you the joy that I feel that you want to take this step to follow the Savior!! You will ALWAYS be my friend no matter what, but there is nothing to compare that I will now have you as my sister in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!! I love you my friend!! :)

This past Sunday I also had another EXTREMELY awesome experience!! As I was walking out of Sacrament meeting, I heard someone ask for a sister Cunningham. the sisters in front of me turned around and pointed to me. I walked up to the man and he said, "hi sister Cunningham!" It didn't register who it was at first, but then he said, it's President Baker!! :) Dad!! your mission president has church right next door to my sacrament meeting EVERY sunday!! I walked up to Sister Baker and said, "Hi SIster Baker!!" She didn't recognize who I was at first, but then she saw my name tag and was like!! "Oh! It's you!!" I want you to know that they still say that you were one of the best missionaries that they ever had!! :) Sister Baker said that and then she turned to me and was like, no, but really! Your dad was one of the best!! :) Thank you for being SUCH an amazing example to me of obedience, love, and your desire to spread the gospel.

Also this week in class we were talking about how as missionaries we bring the spirit with us. There is a quote by john Bytheway that says a not so good missionary hangs around and a good missionary doesn't linger. We want people to regocnize the spirit that we bring with us, and not linger so that they realize that they feel that way becasue of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that we bring!! :) So, I shared your story mom about when you and your companion accidently ended up goign into the Roger's home. Where Hyatt Roger's wasn't a member and the Bishop had told you not to visit thme. When tyou realized where you were you bore a quick but powerful testimony and left. Because of this, Hyatt Rogers felt your spirit and wanted to be baptized!! you lived this rule impecably!!! Wow!! Thank you for your example mom!!

Mom and Dad! I am SO grateful for both of your faithful missions that you have served. THey have blessed my life and continue to bless it as I am here in the MTC!! You are a testimony of faith to me and those around me! I sure love my family and friends! Thank you SO much for making all of this possible for me! Sorry that the e-mail this week is sporadic... Cectpa LeBaron and I taught the first lesson in Russian this week!! IT was about 10-15 minutes long and went REALLY welll!!! I could really feel teh spirit helping me! we were able to say what needed to be said and bear witness! the gift of tongues is real! i lov eyou all!!

Cectpa Cunningham

P.S. Mom!! Idk what you think.... but I would be careful e-mailing the part about Britt out.... maybe only to our family and really close friends? like Martin, Corrie... I don't want her to receive pressure from those in WI? Maybe it'd be good for them to hear about it? Idk... what do you think? Whatever you think is best is AWESOME!!! Just be careful... i know that Satan willb e working REALLY hard on Brittany as it is!

Also, do I need to know anything else for my appt. tomorrow? I just need to bring the envelope that came with my Violin right.... that has my medical records in it? Also....we actually don't have acccess to a fridge...s o i've eaten some of the yogurt and it's been great. Dear Elder me today mimmediately so I can get it tonight about if i need to know anything else for my appt. tomorrow. I'm like 3 pills or 3 days away from being out of my acne meds... !!! I was goign to ask the nurse that helps me tomorrow.... Also, apparatntly my mission president did send a letter to all of the missionaries goign to rostov of what to bring etc... i never got it though, so could you maybe call the MTC and find out how to get that from him? Also.... WOW MOM!!! ABOUT THE VIOLIN!!!! That's AMAZING AND SUCH A BLESSING!!! THe one thing is that I need to get that cleared iwth my mission president also... so if you can ask him that be FANTASTIC!!! Also... did Britt start meeting with the sisters before my letter? or after? let her know I'll be e-mailing her.... either forwarded through you or to her directrly and also to let me know the date and time of her baptism so that i can call her RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENS!! Does she have a tape player so I can send her a tape? sorry for all the questions!


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