Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Transfer in Krasnodar! September 12, 2011

My wonderful Family!!

Another wonderful transfer has almost finished!!  Sister Zamorina and I sat on pins and needles waiting for the phone call on Friday... but it didnt' come, which means that we have another transfer together!!!! wahooo  It will be good!  This past week there were SO many miracles and really interesting and crazy experiences also!

On Monday night we had a really fun lesson!  We did the parable of the sower and had 4 groups act out what happened to the four different kinds of seeds.  We then read from Alma 32 about how the seed of truth grows in our hearts as we experiment with it!  Sister Zamorina drew on the board as we talked about!  At the end Vitya dissected a watermelon for us and we talked about how we have all tasted the fruit of the gospel. Someone who has already grown their own tree of faith has let us taste the fruit and that means that we also have a seed!!  So, what are we going to do with that seed?  Nourish it and let it grow, or just let it sit by the way side...  After , however, I wasn't feeling very well though.  I couldn't sleep at all that night, my back was SO soar for some reason.  In the morning we tried to teach our first lesson.  We were on a bench that was in the sun and when I almost threw up... we decided taht we should probably go home... :) ya... new experience on the mission!  Sveta our member was with us and she said a prayer with me after she got me in the shade and almost immediately I felt well enough to go home.  Sister Zamorina and I were both not feeling very well, so we spent the much needed day at home!

We have some new investigators that we're meeting with.  I don't know if I h ad mentioned them before, but a while back, maybe a week ago,we met a lady at a bus stop.  We finally got to go to her house to meet with her and she then told her 18 year old daughter of our meeting.  Her daughter is a miracle!  To be perfectly honest, I didn't write about her last week because I felt like she was just wanting to meet with us because she wanted friends.  But when I saw her on Monday, I realized that I had totally misjudged her... On our lesson with her we found out that she had already read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon! She remembers everything that we talk about and reads the Book of Mormon everyday!!  We never know who is ready!  I have never seen so much faith!  We taught her the third lesson about baptism and she said that she wanted to get baptized as soon as she could.  We explained that she would have to quit smoking and not smoke at all for 2 weeks.  She said that she would do it!  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and when she prays, it is just so full of faith and trust.  And she absolutely LOVES Joseph Smith! She knows that anything is possible with the help of the Lord.  It has been such a blessing to see how the gospel has already blessed her life.  In her prayers she also prays for her mom that she can stop smoking.  She has the faith of a child. 

As I have thought about her, I relize that at times I am too quick to judge.  We don't ever know who will be interested in our message of the gospel.  The Lord puts specific people in our path all the time, but we need to open our mouths and testify and invite them to learn more about Christ!  I hope that I can do better at this!!  You can pray for her also! Another miracle happened with our new member Amy.  She has so much light after her baptism!  She said this week that she wouldn't be at church on Sunday because she had to work.  We explained a little about the Sabbath Day again and bore testimony that if she took the step of faith to talk to her boss, the Lord would do the rest so that she didn't have to work on Sunday.  She said that she would do it.  On Saturday at Sport's Night she came up to us and was SO excited about the news that she had to tell us.  She said that she had gone into her boss and told him that she wouldn't work on Sunday and he immediately said, "ok, then you can work on Saturday!"  It was SO neat to see how the Lord opened the way for her as she did her part. Often times we just need to be bold and ask.  It was neat to see how her faith grew through that experience and remember that when we do our part the Lord always keeps His end of His promises for us and provides a way for us to keep His commandments.

I love you All!!
have a GREAT week!
Sister Cunningham

 We did a play together... a typical family home evening!  I was 4 haha!

 Chalk drawing again!!


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