Monday, October 31, 2011

Music NIght October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! On the actual day this time!! :)
We had a slow week with lessons and things because we used a lot of time to get ready for our music night.  Sister Zamorina has been working REALLY hard on putting together a play!  So, most of the nights I had my favorite Russian lessons with my favorite Sveta or called people on our list while they practiced! :)  But this week we met with a new investigator.  To be honest, at this point I'm not so sure how normal he is.  It's always hard for me because I don't always understand everything, but Sveta was like, it doesn't matter, just trust your feelings.  He showed me his passport when I went to write down his number and then on our lesson he brought us a resume of his life!! :)  Well, we know all about him!  And he really got into our FHE game on Monday!  They love fruit basket mom! Thanks for the idea!

I absolutely love the people here!!  I hadn't worn my coat this one day this week as the sun had been out and it had looked warm... well, it definitely wasn't!!  We contacted with the elders and I basically just danced and jumped around the whole time to stay warm.  But we had a miracle as a man that we have met about 2 other times road by on a bike.  We called out to him and he stopped and talked to us.  We invited him to our music night!!  (And mom we used your chalk you sent Sister Zamorina to draw Moroni burying the plates!!).  He had a box of milk on his bike and asked me if I liked milk.  I said yes and then he handed me this thing of milk!! haha!  It was funny to be walking around with a bag of milk after that!

We went and visited a member this week that we had never visited before.  She is pretty quiet when she comes to church and I have tried to talk with her a little bit and have asked if we could stop by sometime.  She always is just like "No, I don't want you to come."  Well, on Sunday I started talking with her and about her son who had lived in America for awhile.  I asked again if we could come by expecting a no, but she said yes!!  We were a little late getting to her house and we weren't exactly sure where to go!  Well, we found it and she was out wandering around looking for us!! She is a wonderful lady with bright blond hair that she wears up on the top of her head in a bun and she wears bright red lip stick!!

I've been running in a little park area by the road and this week this man stopped his car on the busy street and asked me if I was cold and then drove off!! it was funny and like 6:45 a.m.! :)  This week I also used dad story of flying off his bike into the sewer on his mission for a spiritual thought for our drawing night!  I think everyone enjoyed it and I got to practice it earlier with Sister Zamorina so that I knew how to say all the words.  Sewer and such are not the words I usually look up in the dictionary!! :)  The APs were in town this week and so at our district meeting they told us our transfers and Sister Zamorina and I get to serve another transfer together!  I'm WAY excited and am hoping that i can stretch myself a lot with my Russian this transfer as it will probably be my last, at least for a while, serving with a native! I feel SO blessed to have another transfer with a native!!  Throw out any ideas you want of how I can take better advantage to learn the language!!

We also drew another time this week.  We were drawing Joseph Smith (the pic. of him reading the Bible) and I stopped a lady to talk with her.  She was a Jehovah's witness.  Usually they just want to debate.  But we had a good 30 minute conversation and she listened and shared what she believed!  It was REALLY cool because I understood almost everything and she understood what I was saying and I know that she needed to hear what I was saying because I could feel the Holy Ghost helping me!! I think I may have even used more correct grammar because the right endings for words just came more easily into my head!! what a blessing!

Our music night went AMAZING!! i got to play an old babooshka on a bus, a little girl and the elders and us did a line dance!! It was AWESOME and EVERYONE had a great time!!  Natasha from our mission office came down with former sister missionary sister nikanova!! i love them SO much!! it was great to see them again and they have a nickname for me!! It's pronounced like Kanichka!!  I love it SO much!!  Our kind of crazy Tatyana said after watching the elders do another dance and song they had performed that elder haws should dance for the Moscow Ballet!! I love krasnodar and am excited for another transfer here!! Happy holloween all!! go crazy and dress crazy!! have a GREAT week!!
Cectpa Cunningham


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