Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Finally! ~ November 24, 2011

I sure love you SO much!! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm most grateful for my family aand all of your supports and for my wonderful friends and for the gospel that brings so much love, light, joy and peace in my life!!!!

 Amy's and my art projects.

 So here are several pictures of my apple pie I  helped make for Thanksgiving!! ya!!

And don't you worry!! We totally didn't forget to do our grateful turkey!!

 The place we saw the choir sing!!

 Me and our favorite Sveta!! I LOOOVVVEEE her!!

 Us and Elder Hansen and Haws who left  ok... this is actually not a very good pictures!!

 They're super good body guards!

 Our water wasn't working at our house, so this how they're working to fix it.

 Our art class and pictures.

 Me Zara and her daughter Sophia.

 Amy and I with our new hats!

 I know I was wierd before... but I have become even more nerdy.... haha

 One of my favorite fruits that does not grow in the US.  Horma and another one kind we tried.

 My new boots and another one of my new hats!! i should probably start wearing my new coat... it's like -4 celcius today...

 One of our less actives is a stylist... so we have fun trying on her things!!

 Don't judged my gross hair... it was raining.  these were the lips that Tatyana left on my cheek when she kissed me!

 and another one!

And some homemade grape juice!! yummy!

 Me and Amy

 We were really frustrated because we waited FOREVER for a marshytka, and so we decided that we could only be mad if we covered up our name tags, where the name of our church is written!! :)

 Some grapes, they grow them all over.

 Miela and me with the Russian bathroom.

 Our investigator Ekaterina!! I love her!!

 Elder Haws and I in girl time!! Never a better time washing dishes!! :)

 We bought some markers to do face painting for an upcoming ward activity.  And of course we had to try them out!

I hope the turkey is cooking well!! We had a good thanksgiving here in Krasnodar with the Potters!!


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