Monday, February 6, 2012

The things you learn on missions February 6, 2012

Guess What?!! 

At sports night this week I learned to hoola hoop!! for the first time in my life I can hoola hoop! :) it was a metal hoola hoop though and it kept falling, so I have big bruises behind my knees, but I guess it was worth it! :)  I also learned that I can touch my nose with my tongue!  The things you learn on missions.... :)  this week was SO cold so we did a little bit of what we call "the transport ministry."  We got onto a tramvai and rode it to the end of the line and then back again.  Our goal was to talk with people who sat next to us.  My first lady was crazy and told me that she was a missionary to and wanted to come over to my house... creepy.  But the next man that sat next to me when I sat in the back--- the coldest part of the tramvai next to the door-- was awesome.  I was freezing and wishing that I hadn't been so stupid to sit next to the door, but then he sat down.  He wasn't interested in my invitation to church, but then we just started talking and we talked about prayer!  It was cool.  I hope he'll think about it.  

We also knocked a bit this week.  We knocked on this door and this little girl opened the door.  Her parents weren't home, so we just said OK and then she closed the door again.  We had a "families can be together forever" DVD, so I knocked on the door again and we gave them the free movie with our invitation to church.  At the next door the same thing happened, but we were ready this time and gave the little boy a DVD.  Now we need to go back and check and see if the parents watched it!

We had a fantastic time at english club this week.  We sang a song to help them learn the alphabet and then we played fruit basket.  Brat Dmitri is maybe like 70 and never talks clearly.  He just mumbles really softly.  The russian can't even understand him.  He LOVED that game.  He was a nectarine.  He doesn't move very fast though, but he always is doing is little shuffle jog everywhere.  One time he didn't get up when his fruit was called so I went and stood over him and called out his fruit agian so he had to get up!  He was SO cute and laughing!  I think that we will play that game again.

On Sunday we met with our district leader.  He is SO enthused about missionary work and LOVES it!! He gets SO excited about missionary work and has been thinking that he wants to hold fasts in our ward.  He got so excited about the idea of having a 40 day fast where everyone in our branch fasts one day and then passes it off to the next family.... the only problem is that we only have like 20 people in our branch... haha  Brat Peotr!  He just makes us laugh!  As we sang our opening song for the meeting he was so serious as he started conducting us and singing that I got the giggles and then sister Whitaker got the giggles so only Brat Peotr was singing as sister LeBaron accompanied on the piano.

I always love meeting with the members as they have the COOLEST conversion stories.  This week we met with a family that has 5 daughters!  And they had both had dreams that actually came true!  The wife saw her wedding which happened when they got married in the church before they were baptized!  I hope we'll find some investigators this week.... but it is SO cold!!! And my zipper broke, so I had to drop my coat off at a place to get it fixed.  The guy there was super cool and asked us what we were doing here.  We talked with him for a while and he invited us to come over to his house this Sunday and he would make us Armenian food!! He said that he would invite one of his friends that would be interested in talking about religion!  Hopefully he's not just a creeper, but hey!  He's fixing my coat for cheap!  Hope you all have a GREAT week! Stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa!

Cectpa Cunningham


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