Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter! April 9, 2012


Easter in Russia is actually this Sunday, and it's the weekend that we get to watch General Conference!!! I am SO excited to finally see it!!  We had a good Easter Sacrament meeting this week though and the District President gave the most amazing talk about God's plan for us and the resurrection!

We had such an exciting week!  We met with a new investigator Sergei. He's a little weird, but nice. We had to have a member with us as he is a younger boy, but that means that we have very few options.  We invited Brat Dmitri to come with us which ended up being mayhem!!  He told Sergei on the lesson that he could tell he wasn't interested! Sergei got so offended and said, "how can you tell what kind of person I am just by looking at my face?"! It was definitely one of those way weird awkward lesson moments.  He still came later that week and when he found out that Brat Dmitri had had a stroke it seemed that all was forgiven!

Meeting with Nona and Garik this week they fed us THE MOST AMAZING BORSCH!!  Oh my goodness!! it was SO good!  We talked again about the priesthood and then watched the "first Vision" in Armenian.  I didn't understand anything but "Joseph." haha

This was definitely a week of contacting though!  The weather has changed 100%! It is HOT where as just 2 weeks ago I was still wearing boots!  I hadn't realized how many people actually lived here in Krasnoarmeiski! they were apparently all just hibernating for the winter!  One day we contacted into this guy that almost walked by us but we stopped him and he asked to go and sit down and talk with us! Of course we can do that!! He teaches at a deaf school and teaches about religion! He said that  he has been looking for truth his whole life! I love hearing things like that!  He taught us a little bit of sign language too! When we went to go out to his dacha (their summer house things) it was a disaster. First of all, it's a little sketch for people to invite you out to the dacha's. As Brat Komo informed us, "they could kill you out there and no one would ever know..." so, lucky for us we as sisters get to take a priesthood holder along with us! So Brat Komo drove us out and we never actually got to meet with him.  It was WAY pretty though and Brat Komo did his usual service of driving some people in his marshrutka for free with us! He's the best! We're SO grateful to have wonderful members and men to help us and keep us safe!  They wouldn't let us go through the check point to the dacha's so we walked out there and then Sersh ( the guy we were trying to meet) didn't answer his phone so we ended up just having to go all the way back! We had a good sunny Sunday walk on Easter though!

We also had a FANTASTIC time on splits this week!  We chalk drew the plan of Salvation 3 times all around Krasnoarmeiski and with the Elders in one day we got like 12 street lessons and 4 or 5 numbers!! Rockin'!! I love splits! it's always fun to work with the elders and see how they answer people's questions, contact, and just to have their energy and fun! I love them!  I hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!! I know that God lives and that He sent His son Jesus Christ to come to earth so that we can overcome our sins and repent becoming clean so that we can return to live with God our Father again!  I love Him and am so grateful for this Easter Season to especially remember His resurrection! He was resurrected so that we could all be resurrected and live again! I love all and wish you the best week!!

Cectpa Cunningham

 we went to a planetarium with te elders last p-day!! loved it!!  my december birthday constelation!

 me with my comp. and the only constelation we can find... orion's belt!

 me and the planetarium

 our chalk drawing awesomeness!! I LOVE OUR ZONE!! (forward this to Elder Jacobson's mom if you can please! thanks!)

 Us with Brat Komo on our dacha adventures!! Thanks to my favorite sister for the skirt!!

 Sister Whitaker decided to practive her photography model shooting skills on me!!! so here are a few of them!! haha

me modeling

 how sister whitaker wants to cut my hair!!

 and more of me... hahaha

random guy who came by while we were photographing and wanted a picture with me too!! i'm famous!! even in Russia!!

 big friendly giant!!

 ap treat!! they pay, i eat!! :)

 Russian road! looks like ecuador huh?

 Our easther treats!! the end of lent!!

Had to take his picture and then he wanted to get one with me! thumbs up and he grabs my arm!! gotta love te members!! they're the best!!


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