Monday, June 6, 2011

Ariel's Letter My beautiful Rostov!! June 6, 2011

Hello all!

We were able to talk with a lot of NORMAL people this week!!!   HALLELUJAH!!!! haha!  We still met some pretty crazy people, but one day we talked with like 8 normal people and 6 of them gave us their numbers!  We started off the week with a family home evening at Tatiana and Dima's house.  Our investigator Sveta came.  Tatiana had said that they didn't have any extra money right now, so we said that we would bring the treat.  I felt so bad after the lesson that Tatiana had made a wonderful meal for us.  They are SO giving and I felt almost sick, hoping that they hadn't sacrificed a lot to feed us.

One of the days we went out and contacted, it was really cool as we would just go down random streets if we had a thought to go and check it out.  It was the day that we were able to talk to so many normal people!  I had always thought that the feelings of where we needed to go would be powerful, but I hope as we followed these small impressions that led us to meet some wonderful people, that the Lord can trust us even more to lead us to those that have been truly prepared and are ready.  One of the ladies that we met seemed like she was pretty knowledgeable on a lot of things and she even talked about how it had been hard for her to be able to resolve the theory of evolution with the teachings of churches.  The best bit about this was that I UNDERSTOOD WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT!  I felt like I was able to understand a pretty good amount this week, which is wonderful.  But, now the trouble is knowing what to say in response! :)

This week we went and contacted with some of the Elders.  It's always so much fun to be able to contact all together.  And then we can share and laugh about the excuses that people give us for why they can't talk with us.  this week as we knocked houses... or maybe it was last week, this lady said that she couldn't open the door because her dog was watching... ya... I'm not exactly sure what that means either!  We have debated making a little chart with different categories of people that we meet everyday.  the ones who already know everything, are bratoslovani, their dog is watching, just simple crazy, and so on.  But the most important one, that we want to have is GOLDEN!!!  Those are the people that the Lord leads us too!  The speck of diamond in many shovels of dirt we dig!  These 2 girls walked by, and they were talking in English.  I was so stunned to hear English that I didn't know what to do.... luckily Elder Roodek (from Ukraine) jumped up and asked them if they wanted to talk with us.  So, I gave my first street lesson all by myself... well, it was in English.. but hey!  That counts right?!  It was SO weird to talk about the gospel in English!  I accidentally said Kniga Mormona instead of Book of Mormon! haha  One of the girls was from Namibia and the other one from Indonesia.  I couldn't help but laugh though as Elder Roodek rambled up with an english pamphlet in his hand.  He said, "here, it's the only English one that I have."  I looked at it and saw that it was a pamphlet on "Chastity."  That would be the only one that he had! haha! :)  I feel kind of like I'm in that in between stage with the language.  I think only my Vienna friends will fully be able to appreciate this comment, as they have the background of Professor Kroell's class! :)  But I can't really speak Russian yet, and I don't think I can really speak English very well right now either... so I'm kind of languageless! :)

I was really feeling tired this week, and so Cectpa Ivanova and I have taken advantage of an hour of "Tieky Chac" (quiet hour), and it has worked wonders!  If you're feeling a little down and tired, Tieky Chac is like magic! :)

Rostov is absolutely beautiful! There are SO many trees and the sun shines!! it is quite hot though.  It actually often makes me think of Wisconsin and miss it!!  There are so many pretty little side roads and so many new places to look at and discover!  And as we find these new little nooks and crannies, we also wait on the Lord to find the Elect who are ready for our message! "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."  (Thank you Corrie for those scriptures!  You're wonderful and I love you!!)

I hope you are all having a FANTASTIC week!!
Cectpa Cunningham

 Yes... a crazy picture from the other week that sister ivanova took.  you can't keep my Irish blood out of me!

 Yes, missionaries even get a chance to surf!! :)

 View over the Don river.

Yes, transfers are coming up... but President Nechiporov already let me meet my new companion.

 On the street! Romping around teh streets of Rostov!

 one of the churches

 Black and white!

 This is Russia!

 And again i don't remember what this building is... but it's famous

tacting together!

 it was like a jungle... so i HAD to take a picture!

 the sign says that there was a mean dog... and then Sister Ivanova wrote that he was watching us!! haha

 A view from one of the apartment buildings.
 Right before our weekly planning Sister Ivanova took out 2 red apples from her bag... I couldn't resist making a Snow White picture!  (Yes, this is for Avery and Autumn!  Good times in Budapest with our "friends!!!" :)

A beautiful street we found last night!


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