Monday, June 20, 2011

Working with the Members June 20, 2011

My dear family!

Oh how I love you!  We had Family Home Evening this week with Sergie and his wife.  Their friends who were going to come didn't make it.  We didnt' know that Natasha was going to make us dinner, but she had made us some fish and a really yummy apple cake.  I have never eaten fish when the tail is still attached, but it was still good! :)  We also were able to meet with a lady named Olga this week and her mother.  At the end of the lesson we asked if she would pray.  She said she wasn't sure she could, but Sister Ivanova went over the steps fo prayer briefly with her again and encouraged her.  Olga then spread out her hands and looked up at the ceiling and started just talking with God.  Sister Ivanova looked from Olga to me and back again, not sure if Olga was praying or not.  I folded my arms and bowed my head, and then when Sister Ivanova saw me she followed suit.  I was enjoying listen to Olga and then she just stopped, i opened my eyes and sister ivanova prompted the ending of the prayer for her.  It was kind of funny, as last time we hadn't really known if she was praying or not either, but realized after she said the prayer!  But hey!  It's a start!  God hears and answers our prayers!

One of the highlights of this week was on Saturday!  We met early at the house of a member to do some service for her.  There are not very many men members of the church, so the service crew consisted of us, 4 sisters, and Bishop.  We cleared her whole lawn!!  It was a lot of work, but SO fun!  And I have to admit, that I became pretty pro at using a sickle!  And it was even funnier because as I worked with it, I realized that i knew the word for sickle in Russian, as I had just finished memorizing D&C 4 for our last Zone Conference.  it was WAY fun!  We had a great lunch after also!  And hey, with less men there, that just meant more food for us!! :)

Saturday evening we made our way to the Ballet.  We are allowed one culture night every 6 weeks.  We saw Romeo and Juliet with the senior couple serving here sister Demina and some elders!  It was SO amazing!  The costumes, set, dancing... and the pit orchestra!!  I was tampted to go and steal one of the violins!! just kidding!  And Juliet was amazing!  We would have watched her dance pretty much ALL day!

We had a way good experience on Sunday also!!  After church we went contacting with some of the members!  Nastia and Natasha were my new companions! They were both super scared and wouldn't start off the contacting, so it was way good for me to have to do more of the talking, and they helped me out if the people didn't understand!  It was SO fun!  Sister Ivanova with Kostie and Anya took one side of the street while we took the other.  as we went along of the roads we randomly ran into a less active boy of about 13 or 14.  He had come to church that day and in our lesson with his little brother (david) that week we had asked him if he'd like to come contacting with us.  He said yes.  So, when we saw him he was with his friends, but Sister Ivanova asked him if he'd like to contact with us.  We figured since he was with all of his friends he wouldn't want to, but he said yes and left his friends.  So, they found a piece of sidewalk and David and Aram helped us draw the plan of salvation!  The members loved the work and it was SO fun!  They were all SUPER excited and we got several telephone members ect.!!  And I almost gave a full street lesson by myself!  But then Anya saw me and came up and then I didn't get to say much more.... but hey!  It was a great experience!!  Kostia called us again today wondering if he could contact with us today!! haha!  He is way great!  and always so excited to contact and work!  He is maybe about 26 or so?  And served a mission in Ukraine.  The work is going well, and we're hoping things will keep rolling!

love you all,
Sister Cunningham

 This is our investigator Sara from Namibia! she is so great and has such great faith!  I hope and pray she will be open and willing to fully take the step of faith to learn if what we have is true.

 Sometimes we don't have anyone who wants to talk to us, so why not serve the stray animals?! haha Sister Ivanova is an angel.

 Our landlord said that he would fix our oven if we cleaned it.  Sister Ivanova found a charl-broiled chicken drumstick that may or may not have been cooked like 20 or more times! haha our oven still doesn't really work very well, but hey, it's an oven right?!!

 This is the beginning of our yard work....

  "and he who thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store." Sister Ivanova decided to give us wings in our pockets... aka big leaves and then Lydia (a wonderful lady in our ward) decided to give Anya real wings! :)

 The end of our work!  Yes! We cleared all of that! :)

 Our lunch! Bisop, Lubov, Lydia, Tatiana, and Natasha

 At the ballet with Sister Demina and the Jeppsons

 We had to try our own stunts also!  ya Elder Rigby! haha

 I love my companion!

 Road Construction

 Here we are with our chalk drawing!!!

 Some of the group couldn't be in the picture as they were contacting! haha

 My companions and I!  Yeah!

Me and my companions again!  They are SO great!  I'm so glad that I got to contact with them!!

I love this picture.  Its Nastia drawing... and its in English!!


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