Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Thing!! August 1, 2011

Hello From Rostov!!!

Well, sorry if the e-mil last week didn't make a ton of sense as I had to quickly retype it.... :(  So, I want to clarify a few things. Olya-- The AP's had the feeling that they needed to go out and contact a month or so back.  They met Olya on the street who studies in Utah. She wanted to get baptized but had decided to wait until she was home in Rostov.  When she got here she tried to find the church online, but none of the numbers worked... but the Lord provided a way for her to find our elders!! And he AP's couldn't teach her alone as she was a girl, so they asked us to help!! We really didnt' have to do anything!  She was SO amazing!  As we taught her dress became more modest and we taught that she should only wear one pair of earrings and the next time we saw her she had taken out her second pair!! She is SO amazing!! And no, Sister Nechiporova didn't put anything in the food on
purpose.... It was chicken and so maybe the chicken was just bad... or a little undercooked or something... we dont' know!! haha

So, I have found a friend on the track we run on!  haha!  He calls me "Zaika" it means like little rabbit and always says hi to me!! haha! he told me one time "You run so fast, baby, you should run slower!' and then he asked me if I was preparing for the Olympics in Sochi!! haha!  Well... it has definitely been COOKIN' here!!  This week we saw
a thermometer that had been sitting in the sun and it said 51 degrees Celsius.  i would have you know that that is 122 degrees Fahrenheit!! OUCH!!  And our apartment is at a constant of about 86 degrees ....haha... yes... everyone is just sweaty ALL the time!!

We were able to teach Svetlana again this week.  She is SO SO humble and just SO wonderful!  She just listens SO intently and wants to learn!  I really hope that we'll be able to see her read the Book of Mormon and pray and gain a witness of truth from God for herself!! Our favorite questions we used this week were about happiness.  We
would ask people what happiness was, and what gave them happiness in life.  We would then testify that just when we follow physical laws of health, etc we are healthy, that God gave us commandments and his laws so that we could be happy.  sometimes we feel like they tie us down or our prohibiting, but our Heavenly Father knows what we must do to be happy, and that is why he gave us commandments!!

So... random funny story... The elders from Zapodny gave us a number of a girl that they had taught.  She is a little different, but we had never met her before.  There was a baptism in the other ward and so we asked her if she'd like to come.  She asked us if she would need to bring her swimsuit....  haha!  It was really funny!

After returning from church on Sunday we were contacting as we usually do.  When we are just on the way to somewhere else we usually just pass out passalong cards with our number on it.  Sister Ivanova gave this man our card and he got really angry.  He ripped it up and threw it in her face.  HE then yelled at her to go away.  She stepped away and was all ok... ok....  I was just standing there awkwardly... not knowing if he had seen me or not.  He then started yelling at me and coming toward me.  We were in this like outside market, shopping area
and just were walking away from him as he yelled at us.  No one did anything...  But then there was this little lady who was probably about 3 feet tall and she asked the man what we had done to him?  When he finally had gone away, this little women came up to me and wanted me to give her all of my pass-along cards.  I didnt' want to, as I figured that she was going to throw them away.  I gave her some and then she asked Sister Ivanova for hers too.  Sister ivanova gave her some also.  This little woman then went and started handing them out to everyone in sight!!  And then she came back to get more from us. We gave her all that we had ready and she went around handing them out to everyone!!  I gave her a pamphlet about the purpose of life and our contact info and we thanked her!! She was just SO cute and wonderful!! She made our day!!

Well, sorry that this is a little short today, but we had a party at President's house for P-day and then Sister Ivanova and I are going to go see an old town in the area!  It is my last p-day in Rostov!  We heard transfers and I am going to Krasnadar to serve with ......SISTER ZAMORINA!!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!  I feel SO blessed that I will have gotten to serve with a native for the first 6 months of my mission! She is SO wonderful, but speaks SOOOO fast so it will be good for my Russian!! :)

love you all,
Cectpa Cunningham

 Me Sergei and Natasha and fam! love them

 Viktor and Svetlana! love them 

Sister Ivanova and I with our shirts that we made!! yayaya!


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