Monday, March 12, 2012

English Club Crush March 12, 2012


What a crazy week!  This week we met a guy on the street who tried to speak English with us... I hate it when people do that because it's really hard to understand what they are saying!  Well, this guy asked me a question and I wasn't sure what he had said, and I was just all, "yes."  Well, as we walked away Sister Whitaker said that he had asked if we liked beer!!  My answer would then explain why he had taken us both by the shoulders and tried to  take us with him to go and drink together!! haha!
We had such a fun week and had many adventures.  We are teaching this 13 year old boy.  They are the hardest kind of people to teach!  Need everything interactive and fun... but they just would rather be playing video games.  We committed them to read the BOM of a family and Vasya didn't want to!  I said only for 10 minutes.  He said for 35 then I siad for 7.  Well, we ended up rock paper scissoring, and it's a lucky thing that I won!! :) 

This Thursday was Women's Day.  Random people would just wish us a happy holiday.  We make cookies and took them over to several of the people that we had met or were in our branch.  We finally found the lady's teaching record who is in the wheel chair.  We took her over some cookies and she told us that she really doesn't believe in God because if He existed He would show himself to people.  We talked about how everything shows that there is a God and bad things still happen to good people because there needs to be "an opposition in all things."  I felt SO inadequate because I dont' know ANY scientific words in Russian... That night the Nielson's came to help us with English Club as we had had so many come last week...but only 3 came.  One of them is a a member.  He thinks that he speaks English much better than he really does, but he likes to show off to the others who don't really speak.  Well, we gave them each a sheet of paper and had them draw what they would give a woman that they knew if they had 1,000,000 rubles.  This man, Brat Sergei, wouldn't tell us who he would give the gifts too.  then he finally said, "to my beloved woman," and turning to Valentina, who he had had a crush on earlier, he said, "and that's not you!" lucky for her she doesn't understand English AT ALL!!  Well, at the end he gave ME his picture and wrote me a little message!  aaaahhhh!! We think he may be crushing on me!!

At church we were without a pianist.  so, guess who they picked to play?!! ME!!  Don't worry.  I am now a professional one handed hymn player!  After president Einer gave me the songs for next week so that I could practice! :)  As I practiced after church Brat Sergei was sitting in the chapel with us. Sister Whitaker was speaking to him in English and just trying to aggravate the fact that we think he likes me!!  he admitted that "she is a very talented woman." But that's not new news to anyone! jk!! :)  Well, he then comes over and draws a side portrait of me as I'm practicing!! It was just SO funny!!

After church as we were studying Brat Komo called us.  He always starts these phone calls in English by saying, "My sister!!"  He then told us that he was at the church with an investigator and wanted us to come ASAP!  We got up and left and headed over.  It was a former investigator that we had met earlier that week, but it was fun to have Brat Komo was friends with him. 

We got dropped by Nina this week... :(  She just liked talking to us as Americans... We are hoping to meet with some more people, and are hoping to see many more miracles in our area!  We leave for ROSTOV tomorrow because we're going to have a conference with a visiting General Authority!  So we won't be here for much of the week, but it will still be exciting!  8 hours on a bus with elders?  things can't get more exciting than that right?  Well, I love you all SO much and hope that you're having a WONDERFUL week!!

Sister Cunningham


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