Monday, March 26, 2012

They'll cut it off... March 26, 2012

Hi family!

Well, this was definitely another week full of adventures! On our 8 hour Marshrutka ride up to Rostov there was a guy on the Marshrutka that remembered meeting me and Sister Ivanova on the street like... a year ago! haha  We got his number and gave it to the contacts in Rostov!  Well, we got to Rostov late and then had our visa trip in the morning.  We have such a big group... 7 of us. At the boarder a man came up to us and was all, "i know who you are, don't hide it. I know you all have 2 passports.  I don't know what he did but he took them all.  Then they didn't want to let us go through to the Ukrainian boarder!  Elder Jacobson got held up on his way back into Russia because they had spelled his name wrong on his visa... luckily all went well though.  After we got back I took Sister Potter and Sister Whitaker down to see the Don River and then we walked up the really long staircase and saw the big rinok in the city.  We almost got a pair of galashes for Sister Potter, but they were asking like $40.... way too pricy.  We finished off the day with Enchiladas! That was a great way to end the day!

Well, that night was when it all began. I had gotten another infected finger. This time around my finger nail.  I couldn't sleep that night because it was SO swollen and hurt so bad.  I got up and soaked it again in hot salt water, but it was miserable. (if you have a week stomach, maybe stop reading this part!! haha) In the morning I showed Sister Potter and we went about doing surgery, trying to pop it.  The liquid wouldn't come out though!  You stabbed it like 3 or 4 or maybe 5 times but bairly anything was coming out.  We were sitting around the table talking and I was soaking my hand. I looked over at my hand and that's when I noticed a red line starting from my finger nail going down my hand and was almost to my wrist! I knew what that was! Mom had told me about getting it on her mission too!! I had blood poisoning!   I told sister Potter and she called Sister Nechiporova. We hear her on the other line say "The doctor's, no, we won't go there.  They'll just cut something off."  haha!  It was rather commical.  I wasn't really worried, but I knew that we needed to get it taken care of.  Well, Sister Nechiporova called Natasha in the office and told her what we'd need.  I knew things would be ok, but I still wanted a blessing.  Elder Potter gave me such a wonderful blessing.  I've never felt the healing power of the priesthood so strongly.  He commanded, in the name of the priesthood that my finger start to heal from that time forward.  And it has!  I'm SO grateful for the priesthood in my life! 

Well, I went into the office and they had me soak my finger in this ... stuff... then they put this medication on it that a man had invented during WWII.  When the Russians weren't around Sister Price made sure I knew... "i have one word for you, NEOSPORIN!!"  We love her! She called me later in the week to see how my hand was and said, "i think that they've come out with a lot better things since WWII!!" so.... neosporin it up! haha  My finger is doing MUCH better.  It's still not all the way healed, but I think it's out of the danger zone!

We made it back to our area in about 11 hours this time! :)  And had a GREAT time getting to know Elder Jacobson and Goodman better.  We had several appointments fall through that we'd set up before we left, but yesterday was a FANTASTIC day!  Church was SO good!  The Nielson's were visiting, which meant that I was the designated translator.  In the middle of the meeting he got up and announced that Sister Nielson would be the next speaker.  She of course had no idea, so that meant that I was her clueless translator!! It was SUCH  a blessing!  I could feel the Lord helping me know how to express and translate what she said, and I even used a word that I had just learned the day before!! :)

That evening we called Sergei, the man we met to get the tickets for our concert this week.  Well, he brought his friend, who was none other than the pianist we heard playing! It turns out the pianist had met with the missionaries a while back.  When we asked if he'd read the Book of Mormon he said, "of course!"  He is SO neat! his name is Peotr and we are so excited to meet with them. WE have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday... so hopefully it will be a good one so it's not awkward when we go to the concert on Saturday!

I am loving it here! the members are SO great!! during branch counsel we were singing "There is sunshine in my soul today." the Branch Pres. always sings SUPER loud! I turned to S. Whitaker and said we should try to overpower him.  The result was a VERY loud opening song and everyone kept smiling and laughing! even brat Dmitri couldn't keep a smile off his face!! I love this place and working with S. Whitaker is SO fun! We're looking to see many more miracles! i love you all and hope you have a great week!

Cectpa Cunningham

P.S.  hey! please maybe have the bishop tell the angels in your ward I haven't forgotten about them!! i love them and think about them and am so GRATEFUL!! and I'm going to write them a letter TODAY!!  give Britt a hug for me!! she should come out and visit again when i get back!! Tell Alecia by the way i love her too! Also, Tell Erica I love her!! I am excited for her! the biggest adventure of her life is ahead! l love you!! 

 the rinok. the odds and end section. we bought rings!! grandma would have loved it!! totally antique!!

 getting doctored by sister demina

 my blood poisoning

 a pig head in the back of a car that sells meat by our house

no flash.. sorry.. .us on the bridge!


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