Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catching Up with some Pictures ~ December 14, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...

 This is Sister Zamorina at the dentists.

 Me Amy and mama Irina!!!

 We went caroling on Krasnaya and met these guys from South Korea... they of course wanted pictures with us!!!  And this is the group of us who sang and contacted!! notice my new coat!! :)

 Went to Emy's (that's actually how you properly say Amy's name!!) to dinner!! She made us yummy pizza!

 This is the day that we wandered ALL over looking for the street that a lady lived on to give her a Book of Mormon!! typical Russian street.

I think that this is the best picture of Emy and me!!! wahoo!! Future sister missionary!!!

 Grecian Christmas!!

 Our Christmas picture!!  Like Emy's hat I borrowed!! I hope that I can buy a real one too!!

 Attempted Jumping picture!!! :)

 A rainy day, just resting our umbrella on our heads!!

 Our celebration before Elder Melnichook went home!

 President taking pictures of the Erominka family!!

 Emy made us some SUPER yummy stuffed pancakes (they are kind of like crepes!!  IT WAS SO YUMMY!

 This is my favorite church in Krasnodar!!  I love the blue!

 This is our investigator Lubov!! She is SO cool!!  And she has a baptismal date for January 7.

 A Russian children's cartoon!  I'll be bringing it home for sure! Super Cute!

 At our Goodbye Fall party.

 Our picture taking booth!!

 Some of us dancing.

 Me and Meela!  We found some baby car seats in the store!

 Ice Skating!

 A game we played where they had to put balloons in between each other.

 Elder Belnap holding the poles for the pretzel eating contest.

 The children tied balloons to their feet and had to pop each others balloons.

 The Limbo.... kind of.

 The Elders conducting the activities.

 Some of the decorations.

 This is our picture taking place.... with our Krasnodar family!!!


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