Monday, December 5, 2011

We can still Jam! ~ Dec. 5, 2011

I can't believe another week went by already!

We had some funny experiences this week!! We were walking along contacting and I asked this man if he believed in God.  He said yes and then said that his god lived there, and he pointed to the Bratislavian church on that street.  It made us laugh!!  So, if there has been any confusion, God lives here in Krasnodar on Oktiabrskaya Street!! haha  That same day we invited these two young boys to come to English club.  One of them turned to us as they were walking away and said I don't need english club, I speak perfect English.  So I reply in English, "So, do you want to talk with me?"  and they just kept walking away!! haha

It's so cool to just have these little impressions throughout the day.  They're SO small and sometimes I will talk with that person but it means nothing, but I still feel that whether or not that person listened, they needed that moment of contact with us.  This week we were walking to go to a meeting with a member and there was a lady sitting on a bench with her baby.  I felt that we should talk with her and so I did.  She actually TALKED with us and we gave her a "together forever" video and she said that we could call her today. I don't know if anything else will come of it, but it was SO cool to just feel that maybe I had helped someone come a little closer to God that day.

This week we met with our member Larissa.  She is SO cool and she and her husband just got sealed in the temple about a month ago.  She is working on doing family history to do their work in the temple.  She said that she had asked everyone what the first names of her great grandparents were but no one could remember.  She said that she had a dream that previous night and she saw her great grandfather.  In the dream he told her his name, then her great grandmother appeared and said and my name is Katya.  It was SO cool!!  People are waiting for their work to be done and as we do our part miracles happen so that we can find our ancestors!!  I thought of Grandma and want to hear more of the cool stories she's had in finding our ancestors!

We had a great English club this week!!  A lot of people came and we talked about Thanksgiving.... which i know was a week ago... but it was REALLY good.  I told the story of "the first thanksgiving" (btw mom, the movie you usually watch on Thanksgiving is about a Russian family!!! :))  and then we talked about what we eat in America.  I then had them all draw what they would eat for Thanksgiving and then each person took turns showing us their picture and explaining why.  We had a lot of variety.  One man said he would drink orange juice, coffee, eat fruit and then drink vodka.  haha 

This week we also spent a lot of time getting ready for our "Goodbye Fall, HELLO WINTER" party.  I cut out SO many paper snowflakes to decorate the walls that I'm pretty much a professional now... so if anyone wants/needs to know how to do paper snowflakes, feel free to ask!! :)  It was a SUPER awesome turn out!!  We had probably like 50-60 people come.  We started out with a lot of group games and songs, then we had a snack and some booths (face painting, donut--but we didn't have real donuts here because it's not America--eating contest, cake walk, and the game where you try to throw the ping pong ball into the bottles).  We then had some more group games and Sister Potter taught us some line dances!! It was  BLAST!!  and felt SO good to dance!!  It was so funny that day and on Sunday so many people came up to me and were all surprised... wow sister Cunningham, you can dance!! Even though we are missionaries, we still can jam!!  They did play a rumba song where they danced in partners and Elder Belnap and I (he's a ballroom dancer too) just sat on the side together and cried (not really, but seriously :) because we miss ballroom dancing!

Well, headed off to go ice skating!!! YEHAAWWW!!  I love you all SO much and hope that this week will be FABULOUS!! 
Love from Krasnodar
Cectpa Cunningham


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