Monday, December 19, 2011

Rockin' in Krasnodar! December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas my wonderful family!
This week has been SO amazing and fun!! My new companion sister Tunney got here on Wednesday night!! So, on Wednesday I just got to hang out at the Potter's and speak with Mom Potter!! IT was the BEST!!  Then Margo and Marina came to the Potters all dressed up in missionary attire to pick me up and take me back to their house!!  We had a good time making a sign for Sister Tunney and eating pizza!!  Sister Tunney got in and it has been a PARTAY every day with her!! We both speak English which has been  SO great and I have really needed the time to be able to just talk with her and catch up!!  It has been AMAZING!!

At our district meeting on Friday we basically just planned Christmas and we will be having Americans, and Englishman, and Ukrainians, and Russians all with us in our Zone for Christmas.  So we will be having Yorkshire pudding!! :)  We had a very funny English club this week and here are some of the funny comments people made.
Our new kind of weird Andre, "Sister Cunningham, I've been dying to see you."
They were then explaining where they would like to go and why... anywhere in the world.

Elvera, "Texas and see the museum of cowboys."
"I would like to visit Spain because I love the U.S.A."
"I want to visit Peurto Rico because it's the island of champions."

We have some GREAT news about the Erominka's and Vera though!  Vera really helped a lot and came to the church on Friday and Saturday to help set up and get everything ready for our Saturday night activity.  Their family also held Family Home Evening last week as we had asked them and yesterday at church they said that they would do it again.  Vera and her mom and dad were the only ones who came to church yesterday, but the parents have been coming more regularly which is GREAT!  I know that as they continue to hold Family Home Evening it will help to strengthen their family and I hope that all of the members of their family will join in.

Our YSA activity went SO well.  There were about 11 or so there.  Everyone had a great time and the best part was when two young girls showed up.  They are 21 and 23 or so and they had gotten called by one of the single adults and decided to come.  They told me that they are sisters and that they had been baptized in 2005!  We got both of their numbers and I hope that we will meet with them and help them to come back to church. It was SO amazing!! We had such an amazing time dancing!!  Sister Potter, Tunney and I just danced for the first bit, but finally other people joined in with our interpretive dance!! it was a blast and we want to do another one soon!! Well, I better get going... sorry that this is short, but we're hanging out at the Potter's for my B-DAY!!  Sister Tunney is the BEST!!  We have just been partying!! She made me french toast for breakfast and now we are wearing our PJ's watching elf!!  I'm sad Erin isn't  here with us to laugh so hard at your favorite part!! ;)  I love you all SO much!!

Cectpa Cunningham

 Some of our activites and games.

 McDonalds.... Yummy fries!!

 Me and Sister Tunney and my Birthday Breakfast!!


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